Friday, September 2, 2011

Chalkboard Paint!

photo source unknown!  If anyone knows let me know.  I just found it on Pinterest with no credit.

This is what I'm doing this holiday weekend.   Well, among many other Paper Taxi related things:
  • commission requests
  • new projects
  • craft booth prep
  • exciting promotion starting on Tuesday
  • painting
But I'm definitely buying a big piece of plywood and either making my own chalkboard paint or just buying some (I'm planning on doing black anyway so it might make more sense to get it pre-made, but if I were to do any color, I'd definitely use this recipe!)  I'm going to use it as a new backdrop for my prints for photos.  I'm pretty excited about it!  I've never used chalkboard paint!

Other than that, I'll be hanging with my boyfriend, cats, and maybe make a tiny trip to NH if the mood strikes.  Hope you all have great weekends!

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Anonymous said...

Love chalkboard paint! There's a wonderful new shop here in Portland called Merchant Co. It's essentially a bunch of little Etsy shops (each individually curated) in one venue, + one of the artists makes + sells amazing colours of chalkboard paint!