Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Confession Tuesday: Sometimes I wish

Sometimes I wish I was a lawyer.  Confession.

But that's really only after watching episodes of Ally McBeal, because this happens frequently:

And then I think about all those incredibly and unfortunately flawed characters and how I have the biggest crush on "The Biscuit" even though he wears orthopedic shoes, his nose whistles, and he hums John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt when he gets overwhelmed.

And I finish up every episode reminding myself that being a lawyer does not comply with my number one  life requirement: the denim jacket rule.

I'll be out most of this week from the blogging game, gearing up for my first craft show this Sunday, October 3rd!  See all the details in the Paper Taxi newsletter


jaeartworks said...

i love watching old ally mcbeal espisodes too! good luck at your craft show!

That Girl Designs said...

Love that show! Watched the first (pilot) season early spring. Now ready to watch the rest.