Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where the time flies

I wish I knew!  Things over in Paper Taxi land have been all over the place!  So many life changes have occurred in the past few weeks and I've never been more excited for the future.  I recently left my full time job to pursue my art but in the know, I can't really afford to just wing it.  So I got myself the best part time job I could imagine.  I'm a dog walker! Yeah, seriously!  A local service was hiring and I started this week.  There is nothing more fulfilling than a happy puppy at the end of the day.

I've also just finished up with a commission for my lovely friend Amy.  She needed some thank you notes for her recent wedding and I love them!  I'll share once she's sent them out as not to spoil it :)  Along with all the fun new things going on, I also found out today that I won a print from Mae Chevrette, another local artist (and featured etsy seller!).  I can't wait to hang it up!  I think I have the perfect spot picked out :)  Take a look at the print!

How beautiful, right?  Pick up your own copy in her shop!  Now if I could just go to coffee with her...Mae, are you reading? 

Two lovely people have also featured me on their blogs, the lovely Laura of Laura Kelly Photography is one!  I designed her logo back in the birth of her business.  I've been meaning to share it with you all!  Laura is a seriously talented photographer out of Ottawa so all you Canadians looking for a family shoot, wedding, or engagement pictures best be sending her an email!

The other is Hila Lumiere of le projet d'amour.  Hila is a writer out of Perth, Austrailia.  She recently asked for entries to her "why I adore the night" challenge.  And since most of my current work is at night under the stars, I just had to submit my boat print!  Some seriously inspiring work on her site! 

I have my first of three small holiday shows tomorrow afternoon, alas, it's a private event, but I'm excited nonetheless!  Wish me luck!