Paper Taxi is the product of dreamer, Laura Warecki's (that's me!) curious mind. Delighted by the ocean, memories, collections, and obnoxiously small pieces of paper, I transform the little ditties that tumble around inside my head into charming paintings and collages. 

Growing up in a tiny New England town, I spent many of my days collecting, imagining, building, and storytelling.  My work is inspired by the small things that make me smile, childhood memories, and the 96 color crayon box we all drooled over in first grade.

Paper Taxi came about out of art school frustration and a place to showcase what I've been hiding from the world.  Ok, fine, and so my mom would stop nagging me.  

I now reside in Waltham, Massachusetts, sharing a tiny home with my boyfriend, 2 cats, and lots of paper. It's not uncommon for tiny pieces to follow me wherever I go.

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hellopapertaxi (at) gmail (dot) com  <-please excuse the language.  I would just rather hear from you than silly spammers.