Thursday, February 19, 2009

I've already picked out a few things...

that I wish were made in adult sizes...especially that fuchsia number at the top. Maybe strapless, with these heels?!?!?!

Ok so maybe adult sizes of any of those dresses is a little unrealistic, but those shoes! I can get those. And I can get them with free shipping...

Image credit: chasing fireflies

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here it is! Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

<3 Laura

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

To all my 7 loyal readers and my mom...

I cannot even begin to apologize for missing my one and only blog segment I have, Must Have Monday. BUT I have an excuse, and have a TAKE THAT TUESDAY instead.

If it weren't for these 4 products, I might be dead. Ok maybe not dead, but better off dead. I haven't been as sick as I was this past week since the days when Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup was the greatest gift of God, Salute Your Shorts marathons were the only thing that got you through a sick day from school, and eating mountainous bowls of ice cream didn't cause your ass to swell to the size of a small boulder.

Let's just say, I'm glad it's over. I'm glad to be back. And you bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be su....I mean a new post of glitz and glam.

Until then.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

oh finally!

I feel like creating! I wanted to make something for my boyfriend for valentine's day, but neither one of us are very romantic....(we're actually exchanging CHRISTMAS presents on Valentine's Day...and ones we picked out for ourselves at that.) I wanted to give him something sweet, but not so sweet that you want to vomit or cause others to vomit. I think I've finally thought of something. I'll work on it this week and update you all!

(and in case you're wondering, the Valentine's Day card above is available through etsy seller lilacmoon!)

Another Night on Justin Rd

So as my roommate and I innocently watched Annie and the Season Premiere of Medium, we heard this incessant pounding coming from the neighbors upstairs. It was a constant and rhythmic beat, but not at all the kind of beat you want to hear while singing along to "Little Girls". As this is not the first time we've heard strange noises from the apartment above, I calmly, walked to their door, and rang the doorbell:

:door bell:
::footsteps coming down the stairs, answers door::
Laura: Uh, hi. I'm not sure what's going on up there....
Girl: Oh, haha, we found a bouncy ball
Laura: :blank stare:
Girl: We'll stop now.

Keep in mind that when I say, "girl", I mean a 30ish year old woman, not a 7 year old girl.

Aaaaaaand, segway. look at this pretty sony commercial.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Must Have Monday!

So this one isn't actually a product....yet.

I've been in search of a replacement duvet cover for ages now and can't find one that's cute enough, pretty enough, colorful enough, fun enough, and especially, cheap enough.

SO I'm making my own. And this is my mock up. It's all amy butler fabric. I know original, but girl's got style. I can't help it.

Let me know what you all think!


Karen Kurycki found via my love for you is a stampede of horses.

hahahaha. Karen Kurycki is pretty hysterical.