Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Confession Tuesday: My Denim Jacket

Mary Poppins Meets 2009, originally uploaded by Starr Crow.

I never want a life when my denim jacket can’t double as a blazer.
    • It’s a jacket in early spring when you can’t stand to put that winter coat on one more time.
    • It’s the extra layer you bring with you to the beach when the sun starts to go down..
    • It’s the wrap you wear over that kinda fancy frock that you feel a little overdressed in.
    My denim jacket is my blazer. I feel like a million bucks in it. I feel free to do what I want. I feel in charge. I feel like sticking it to the man.

    Now bedazzeled denim jackets……that’s another story.

    The cute blog of the lady pictured above!


    Megan said...

    Hi Laura,
    First off, adorable picture! I love it (especially the jacket & skirt!) :)
    Secondly, what a great idea for a weekly blog post. Kudos to you for your creativity!


    Annelise said...


    My favorite denim jacket I had had since college got a hole in the shoulder and was sadly retired. I got another, but it is just too large. A replacement is needed...

    thingstotendto said...

    super cute idea for a weekly series! love it. i had a denim jacket in the early 90s that my mom embroidered a giant spiderweb and snake on the back of. it was way too metal for me, but my mom was totally hip. :) xo

    Lynda M. Metcalf said...

    I still have the denim jacket I bought when I was 14 (I'm 42 now) and it still fits! Don't know if it's fashionable anymore. We have another month to go until nights are cool enough to wear the jacket.

    Lynn Richards said...

    Oh, this is a great idea.
    I'm looking for the perfect denim jacket right now....life just isn't the same with out one!

    janet forrest said...

    Mine died a few years ago, and I'm hoping that my next one will be significantly smaller! Maybe by January! Ooops! Is this for your confessions or ours?

    Lori Leissner said...


    Nordljus said...

    Wonderful! And I love the photo.

    A New Creation said...

    This is great - love your sense of humor!