Wednesday, December 31, 2008

in the past four hours...

this is what happened. From bare ground, to this. Granted, we're doing better than a couple weekends ago when we had 18 inches of snow, but still. 4 hours.

What a brave soul...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I wish you all a Merry Christmas from myself and my Christmas Cactus!

Monday, December 22, 2008


I saw this project called "My Personal Moon" somewhere in the blogsphere last week, but now I can't remember where. But nonetheless, it's stunning. Absolutely Stunning. How nice would it be to have a moon with you every night? Nice, I think.

Thought this post would be quite relevant now that the days will officially begin to get longer! Yay!

Image Credit : Link

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I had christmas down in AAAAAAFRICA

Uh just found this and it's incredible!!!! Of course my favorite part starts at 1:57. I give you permission to skip ahead.

Especially because my boyfriend IS having Christmas down in Africa!!!

I also like how one of the comments posted was:
"i am even sending e-mails to people i don't like anymore telling them to watch this."

What we're all thinking with a feminine touch.

Pretty Bitter stationary that pushes the envelope.

Personally I love this. I love rude stationary.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Whoops, it's been a week. you know christmas, and trips to the airport. But I found this today. enjoy!

more videos from blu can be seen here.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I wonder if my college history professor posted this

I found this artist, Kate O'Connor via Design for Mankind a few minutes ago and fell in love with her embroidery! I've been doing a little embroidery myself lately and find it inspiring. For a series of her embroidery work, she took random ads of craigslist like this one, my personal favorite.

Funny because my college history professor had one of these shirts. Apparently he was wearing it back in '99 according to a commenter in the link above. Oh how I miss him and how he called me "Varesski". le sigh.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


So as Lee and I went to watch Outbreak last night, he noticed that one of my speakers wasn't working. sad face. how long it wasn't working? Couldn't tell you, but I thought, what a great christmas present for a boy to get me! As I was researching options, I came across this unique piece of sound equipment, the Rosewill o.CAT I can't even believe this exists. It's like "hello kitty" for the post-graduate.

AND the wireless remote is shaped like a paw print!

Friday, December 5, 2008

This is normal conversation on Justin Rd

For weeks, I've been so excited for the Curly Girl holiday party. I've never had a work holiday party to go to that didn't involve a couple pizzas and a half an hour of our time. So I decked myself out. As the date approached, I began to think I was going to over do it. I mean seriously, a carrie bradshaw skirt, a lime green top, some crazy necklace that a really stylish great aunt would own, and some berry red heels. But I just had to do it. After I put the outfit on, 30 minutes before the party, I looked at myself in the mirror and said, "Whoops. Maybe I should dress down a little..."

So, I asked my roommate:

L: "Do you think I look ridiculous?"
N: " Actually, you look like Ugly Betty."
L: "Good thing I like what she wears and I know you do, too, or else I'd be really insulted."

So I shall wear it, drink pomegranate mojitos, eat cupcakes, and be merry! Happy Holidays!

This one's for the boys...

Remember back to a couple days ago when I showed you this. Now, there's a version for the boys! See it all here!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Thanks, it's vintage"

Vintage has been all the rage for the past couple years. Vintage cameras, vintage photos, vintage clothes, vintage shoes, vintage jewelry, vintage fabric, and the mere knowledge that something is vintage, even if it's totally effing ugly.

Hey, well with this huge vintage trend, comes huge prices. Something that was 99¢ at goodwill 3 years ago, is now $99 in a Newbury Street "thrift" store.

But guess what? Now you can get your very own "vintage" pinhole camera for $24.95. Granted, it was probably manufactured yesterday and it's made out of cardboard. But it's still pretty cool and you can use 35mm film rather than 120mm film that most vintage cameras require (which is more expensive to buy and develop).

hey, or you could just bid on this.

image credit: x-tremegeek

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where can I get one?

I was poking around the blogsphere today and found a post from Holly of decor8 and haus maus about a fabulous artist in Germany, Volksfaden! She takes old photographs and applies modern fabrics. What's really great is that not only does she create these wonderful collages, but she uses the images to promote the designer fabrics she sells. I'm pretty much in love with these. And I just pining for a print!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Keep Buying and Discard the Credit Card Bill

So I totally bought the atherton lin calendar I wrote about a couple weeks ago, but Nicole of littlebrownpen just wrote in her blog about this doozy she just put in her etsy shop, a Keep Calm and Carry On Spoof calendar! I LOVE the "Look Dewey and Avoid Stinking"!

I've been obsessing about that WWII revival poster (like every other design blogger on the planet) for a few months now and even asked for one for Christmas. And now I think I'll need the calendar to go with it. I mean, I'll need a calendar for my office and my home right? And maybe...I'll need one for my studio too, and my handbag, and, and, and....

OH and even better? (if you can even imagine) it's only $5! That's right, I said it. It's less than the latte I had at Starbucks this morning. Nicole will send you a PDF of the image and you can print it out yourself! omg, I'm so stoked. This is so perfect because the other thing I asked for Christmas is a printer :)

Monday, December 1, 2008


So at Curly Girl Design, I sometimes doodle while on the phone...

Now, I'm not sure who these people are. Do I think the people on the phone look like this? I hope not, because that lady's neck is scary long and that boy is a total creep. But it's fun. And I might just do it more often.

For all you pogonophiles out there...

Feeling a little too smooth?  That beard growing in patchy?  Found out that though your hair is brown, your beard is red?  Solve all your facial hair problems with the help of etsy seller i made you a beard.  A gal just trying to roughen up even the babiest of baby faces, one beard at a time.  See how she does it on her blog!