Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Confession Tuesday: Sometimes I wish

Sometimes I wish I was a lawyer.  Confession.

But that's really only after watching episodes of Ally McBeal, because this happens frequently:

And then I think about all those incredibly and unfortunately flawed characters and how I have the biggest crush on "The Biscuit" even though he wears orthopedic shoes, his nose whistles, and he hums John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt when he gets overwhelmed.

And I finish up every episode reminding myself that being a lawyer does not comply with my number one  life requirement: the denim jacket rule.

I'll be out most of this week from the blogging game, gearing up for my first craft show this Sunday, October 3rd!  See all the details in the Paper Taxi newsletter

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Confession Tuesday: I'm not embarrassed.

image credit: amazon.com

This is one of my favorite movies of all time.  Whoopi at her finest.  Lauryn Hill in her prime.  Gospel music for the masses.  Movie title Pun.  Can it get any better?  I've probably seen this movie no less than 100 times.  And it's just as amazing as the first time. 

What's your guilty pleasure movie?  

Monday, September 19, 2011

My weekend in Photos

photo template: pugly pixel

This weekend I went out with my boyfriend, Lee, in downtown Boston and Harvard Square to take my new fancy-schmancy camera for a test run.  We encountered a lot of unexpected things like Hempfest (which was.....interesting but I couldn't wait to get out of there), cute shops on Charles Street, street performers, and that little girl in the pink sweatshirt.  I couldn't get enough of her!  Oh and that top photo?  My boyfriend helped a little old lady cross the street.  It was adorable.  Here she is in all her glory!

Can't wait to go out again soon!  The weather was so perfect and and wore my new boots.  If you're even kind of thinking of a new pair this year, I highly suggest these boots from Target.  Lee says I was turning heads everywhere we went with these babies on! And the price is ridiculous!  <--I'd suggest ordering a 1/2 size smaller! 

My first craft show is just a couple weeks away now!  Working on at least one more print and I designed a couple cute things this weekend as well.  Stay tuned!  (sometimes I give sneak peeks on my twitter or Facebook, so check start following me to get the heads up!)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Special Delivery!

A couple of weeks ago a childhood friend, Kristin, asked me to do a top secret super cute painting to help announce her pregnancy on her floral business blog, Ideas in Bloom.  I was so excited, I'm pretty sure I emailed her about 25 seconds after she asked!

Go tell Kristin congratulations on the Ideas in Bloom blog!  So excited to have been a tiny part in the announcement and wishing her and her husband all the best!

Interested in a commission?  Email me!

Oh and I put a new little signup in the sidebar!  Go sign up for my Paper Taxi newsletter for updates, happenings, general trivia, and who knows what else! (besides spam. I hate spam.)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Paper Taxi's first month!

I'll be back next week with Confession Tuesdays!
Paper Taxi has been open for a whole month!  This is a huge deal for me and I'm so grateful for it all.  In this first month, I've had 8 sales, 2 commissions, 2 craft show applications, and a bazillion new friends!  This is much more than I could have dreamed for before I opened.  Thanks to all of you for commenting, pushing me along, and helping me reach my own dreams and wishes!  Cheers to another great month!

Come visit me in my Paper Taxi shop on etsy!  

I made a chalkboard a couple weeks ago and it's my new backdrop.  I think it's pretty cute.  What about you?

Want to come see me in person?  My first craft show is in 2 weeks!  I'll be showing at the Harrington School Fall Festival for the Arts in Lexington, MA on October 2nd, 12-4!  Keep up to date on their facebook page.

omg so much work to do before then.  SEE YA!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fashion Boogie

found via ApartmentTherapy

How cute is this video?!  So fun to see the different fashions and dance moves!  
Let's boogie.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Confession Tuesday: I make things up

When I was little, I made up a lot of stories.  Sometimes they were just better than real life.  Well, apparently I thought they were so good that I ignored how things really were.  Here are two examples that particularly stick out.

Exhibit 1:

The setting:  New York City, Statue of Liberty, 1994(ish)
The characters: My ma and pa, my brother, me, hundreds of strangers. 

My family and I went on a vacation to the Big Apple.  Why? Who knows.  We are small town folk.  My dad refused to let us get on the subway at 8pm because my brother was hysterically insisting that we were going to get mugged.  Anyways.  At some point, we went to the Statue of Liberty and climbed every step up to the top of the crown on a very narrow spiral staircase.  This is what it looks like (I'm so unsure of the validity of my story that I had to look up this picture to make sure I didn't make that up either.)
image: Richard Drew/AP Photo
So safe to assume, you can't go down the up stairs.  It's barely wide enough for one person to pass.  So what is any normal 8 year old supposed to assume the protocol is to get down?  

image: Forbes.com
No seriously.  For several years, (ok, fine, until sometime in college when I realized the slide was probably ridiculous) I thought I rode a slide down from the crown of the Statue of Liberty.  I don't know if I was just hoping that's what would happen once I got to the top or if I imagined that the trip down would be so much better if it were a slide.  But somehow I honestly convinced myself this was real.  And boy do I wish it was.  I might not have such a strong distaste for visiting NYC if I knew I could ride a 22 story slide when I got there. 

Exhibit 2

The setting: My parents house, the living room, 1991 or 1992
The characters: Me, my mom's handwriting, my sheltered life.

At the age of 5, I had not seen the movie Dirty Dancing yet.  I'd never even heard of it.  But, there was a mixed tape in the stereo at home with a variety of 80s gems including the Dirty Dancing theme, "(I've Had) The Time of My Life".  The tape had my mom's handwriting on it (which coincidentally is the same handwriting as the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy).  So between not knowing the movie, never hearing the song, and seeing my mom's handwriting, I put 2 and 2 together and logically concluded the duet was sung by none other than my next door neighbors, Bruce and Pam.  I mean, my life consisted of David the Gnome episodes, kindergarten, and about 20 people in New Boston, NH.  I wasn't exactly cultured.  Of COURSE the song was sung by Bruce and Pam!  Yeah, well that turned out to be pretty embarrassing when I found out I'd totally made that up when first seeing the movie in middle school.

Bruce and Pam.  I mean Johnny and Baby. 

But see what I mean?  Those would have been two really cool things if the were real.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Chalkboard Paint!

photo source unknown!  If anyone knows let me know.  I just found it on Pinterest with no credit.

This is what I'm doing this holiday weekend.   Well, among many other Paper Taxi related things:
  • commission requests
  • new projects
  • craft booth prep
  • exciting promotion starting on Tuesday
  • painting
But I'm definitely buying a big piece of plywood and either making my own chalkboard paint or just buying some (I'm planning on doing black anyway so it might make more sense to get it pre-made, but if I were to do any color, I'd definitely use this recipe!)  I'm going to use it as a new backdrop for my prints for photos.  I'm pretty excited about it!  I've never used chalkboard paint!

Other than that, I'll be hanging with my boyfriend, cats, and maybe make a tiny trip to NH if the mood strikes.  Hope you all have great weekends!