Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Well hello there friends! Last night I had the pleasure of dining with my co-workers at Henrietta's Table in Harvard Square! It was delightful in all aspects (especially all the horror movie talk moderated by Lauren) and they surprised me with a birthday cake!

Carrot cake, if you couldn't tell by the decoration. Mmmm so good.

But what's even better about my birthday this year? I'm giving myself a present. I'm opening my etsy store. This has been a long time coming and I'm sick of people getting on my back about it! Prints are ordered (they're coming today! I can't wait!) Shipping and packaging supplies ordered. This weekend, I'll spend my time collecting some pretty items to dress up those plain envelopes, take lots of pictures, and park myself in front of my computer until it's done and I can share it with all 20 of you! Then hopefully I can share it with more and more. Tell your friends! That would be the best gift ever.


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Jamie Burch said...

Happy Birthday, Laura! I found your blog through Flying Lessons. It's so exciting that you're opening up an etsy shop! Good luck and have fun getting it all together. Yay! *Happy Dance*