Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Confession Tuesday

I love clothes. It's just something I must own up to. Proof:
In Paper Taxi news...
  • Just designed and sent away for my business cards
  • Bookmarks in the works for some very special people at The Creative Connection
  • Sent my first order to Australia. If you aren't following me on Facebook or Twitter (um why not? I swear I'm at least a little entertaining.) I've declared myself an International Sensation. And I like the sound of it.
  • 1 week of my shop open and I have had 3 sales and about 1 bazillion new friends <3
I think that's it for now. Working on getting some greeting cards in the shop and some new prints!

image credits: photo of my addiction: me digital photo frame: pugly pixel


Calla Fogarty said...

you totally are an international sensation in my book!

Deborah Velásquez said...

You sound crazy busy! But it is all good. I will keep following you so I can see all the good stuff coming your way. All the best!-D

That Girl Designs said...

All of this sounds amazing. Even the part about you loving clothes! Congrats on your international sales.

Melanie said...

Fancy that, as you're blogging about sending an order to Australia, this little Aussie finds your store and then your blog!! Synergy or 6 deg' of Separation?