Monday, June 22, 2009

Rain can't get ME down!

You know, just sitting in my new condo, sippin' coffee, eating cheerios and fresh blueberries, and borrowin' internet.

I moved in this weekend and I LOVE IT. I love every bit of it.

Lee and myself painted the bedroom and living room on Friday, precisely 3 hours after signing the paperwork :) It took us all afternoon and into early evening, but it looks great! A cheery pistachio ice cream green in the living room and one deep teal wall in the bedroom surrounded by crisp white walls. The bedroom looks really great with the one accent wall, plus my bedding effing rocks. Pictures soon! There are boxes and suitcases currently dominating the space.

After the move, I browsed my overloaded google reader to find a post by the lovely Keyse of Crocodile Tears. The most lovely wooden cabinet with metal screen. SWOON CITY. I picked it up yesterday to find that I've met Keyse before at the Boston Biz Ladies meet-up last summer held by design*sponge. What a coincidence. I followed that visit by one to Boomerang in Jamaica Plain. I found some cool stuff like a two tiered cake server (which I promply broke last night, but it's fixable!)

THEN I spent my life away at IKEA on who-knows-what. Seriously, I can't even remember. Hopefully it's stuff I needed.

Anyways, busy busy weekend and I can't wait to get this place all set up! I'll be doing a tour once that happens and my new couch comes in. The neighbors have informed me that all of them but one have had to have the couches delivered through the window... Mine is a short couch (76" vs 81") so hopefully they can get it through the door. If not, I'm on the first floor! Easy Peasy.

Off to "commute" to work. 1 MILE. I love my new house.

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Nikka-re said...

send pics to my mom. she's been dying to see it!