Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh Updates!

Big news everyone! I bought a condo! Moving in less than 3 weeks! Now I'm on the hunt to make the place MINE. I've already picked up a few things from various sources, but my main source is Craigslist! There's a lot of good (and a lot of junky) stuff on there and it's fun to hunt it out. I'm going for a bright colors and patterns decor with mid-century furniture.

Kitchen Chairs. Planning on recovering them in this but the vinyl is in really good condition. So we'll have to see how the rest of my kitchen makeover goes...but for $15/chair, how could I go wrong!

Danish Mid-Century Occasional Chairs. Both have cushions (I AM RECOVERING. DON'T WORRY, I HAVEN'T GONE CRAZY) and are in impeccable shape. I've been searching for this style of chair forever and can never find ones in good condition for less than $300 for ONE. Or if I do, they're on ebay and require and extra $100ish for shipping. I'm picking up these gems tomorrow for $150/pair

New couch not from Craigslist, but still...good deal, barely more than an Ikea couch and it's of a much better quality! By far my biggest purchase for the condo but I still got it at a steal (super-duper memorial day sale at Macy's) Plus it's shorter than most couches (76" vs 81") which is great because I bought a condo, not a mansion. This one is being special ordered in a gorgeously soft sea foam blue color.

What I wish I could have....but don't a way of picking it up or storing it until the move. Things like this come up often though, just hopefully I can get a price like that one!

Now, if anyone wants to chip in to the Laura is a homeowner fund...

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