Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Movies I can't wait to see...

Alice in Wonderland (see more images here)

I just bought my midnight showing tickets for Harry Potter.  I've been waiting FOREVER for this.  It was supposed to come out last NOVEMBER.  But because Daniel Radcliffe decided to do that naked play in NY, Warner Bros thought it put a bad rapp on his name or something.  BTW I saw that naked play, Equus, with Daniel in London a couple years ago and it was great.  He's a pretty decent stage actor! 

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Calla Fogarty said...

Wow its crazy how much we like the same movies... All of those are on the top of my list... do you have plans to go see them with anyone.... I would love to make a date except for Harry Potter Liam is just about as excited as I am!