Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Night on Justin Rd

So as my roommate and I innocently watched Annie and the Season Premiere of Medium, we heard this incessant pounding coming from the neighbors upstairs. It was a constant and rhythmic beat, but not at all the kind of beat you want to hear while singing along to "Little Girls". As this is not the first time we've heard strange noises from the apartment above, I calmly, walked to their door, and rang the doorbell:

:door bell:
::footsteps coming down the stairs, answers door::
Laura: Uh, hi. I'm not sure what's going on up there....
Girl: Oh, haha, we found a bouncy ball
Laura: :blank stare:
Girl: We'll stop now.

Keep in mind that when I say, "girl", I mean a 30ish year old woman, not a 7 year old girl.

Aaaaaaand, segway. look at this pretty sony commercial.

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Nikka-re said...

that was totally ridic, but boy am I glad it happened. def my fave quote for the week--actually probably the entire month.