Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Thanks, it's vintage"

Vintage has been all the rage for the past couple years. Vintage cameras, vintage photos, vintage clothes, vintage shoes, vintage jewelry, vintage fabric, and the mere knowledge that something is vintage, even if it's totally effing ugly.

Hey, well with this huge vintage trend, comes huge prices. Something that was 99¢ at goodwill 3 years ago, is now $99 in a Newbury Street "thrift" store.

But guess what? Now you can get your very own "vintage" pinhole camera for $24.95. Granted, it was probably manufactured yesterday and it's made out of cardboard. But it's still pretty cool and you can use 35mm film rather than 120mm film that most vintage cameras require (which is more expensive to buy and develop).

hey, or you could just bid on this.

image credit: x-tremegeek

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Ummm, Just make one out of a can of spam