Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Handmade Wall Collage

Just a little update for you!
1) I was at the SOWA winter market on Sunday and it was awesome!
2) I'm going to be there again this Sunday (and it'll be 66 degrees and sunny so you have no excuse to not be there too)
3) I finally hung up some stuff in my back hallway and since it's the way I get into my house, I thought I should make it look nice.

1 | The Merriweather Council  2 |  Danita Art 3 | Hello Hue (the lattice mirror is from target!)

I love my little wall collage and can't wait to expand it with more handmade work!

Hope to see you at SOWA this weekend!


the girl said...

super cute! i'm heading to sowa on sunday. :)

Laura Kelly said...


Jennifer said...

So great! Love the circles.

Jennifer said...

Btw, I just looked at your etsy and I can't get enough! Such an awesome shop.

Heidi said...

Love it all! Such super cute items! Great colors as well! :)

Louise said...

So cute

Joy said...

Wow, that looks so adorable!

Justin Mullins - Professional Doctorate said...

I love your little wall collage. It is so pretty and it doesn’t take too much room or attention away from everything else in the room. I also love the mirror that you have paired the pictures with.

Nora Alie @ TEFL said...

It's a great idea for decorating the walls. I think of the pictures hanging, but now I have another good way for the house decoration.