Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011: ending with a bang!

Hi there fellow earthlings!  Sometimes I feel like a martian when I visit my blog...You guys are around here more than I am!  Now that the holidays are over and the January calm has commenced, I thought I'd share a few photos from the past few weeks!

In November and December I was lucky enough to participate in 3 holiday sales and had a great time!  The first was a benefit for breast cancer research and all our table fees went directly to Susan G. Comen!  How cool is that?  My college buddies, Calla Grace, and Danielle from The Merriweather Council were both there, too (hiya gals!).  

Next up was a hidden holiday market that my friend Colleen Ellse put together!!  It was super fun and packed with friends and family.  It was so successful that Colleen is planning another one in the future and possibly even a public one if we can find some space!  I was so busy chatting that I barely took any pictures.  I rounded out my year with another in house holiday market in Manchester, NH but have absolutely no pictures of.  Too bad because the house was amazing!

Then Christmas happened. 
We spent Christmas Day opening presents, walking through my hometown, dinner, and then did it all over again the next day at my brother and sister-in-law-to-be's house!  So much fun and so much love!
I'll be popping in over the next few days to show you some other pictures I found on my camera! Maybe a New Year's Resolution post, but probably not. Sorry. Love ya, though.

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