Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Pierces for Amelia's Magazine

I first found Amelia's Magazine during a trip to Barnes and Nobel and hours of time. This was back in 2007? probably when Amelia's Magazine was a print publication. Now no longer in print, the magazine has developed into an online arts and culture magazine with great content and creates opportunities for illustrators (well-known, well-not-known, and students alike). I recently decided to start following Amelia on twitter and lo and behold, she did an illustrator call-out mere minutes before to illustrate The Pierces, a sister duo band that I have loved for the past couple years! I jumped right on it and submitted my illustration. And wouldya look at that! It's a the top! Thank you so much Amelia's Magazine! I had a great time and love being back into the swing of things, makin' art!

See the entire article here.

On another note, I know, it's been many months since I last posted. But I'm really back at it and have lots to show you and an etsy shop on the way!

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