Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It's no secret that I love Martha Stewart. I did an illustration for one of her magazines, Body and Soul, last year and frequently read some of her other publications. Working for her would be A DREAM.

Well come to find out via, Martha's twitter, you can for a price! She's donated a whole bunch opportunities to a charity auction, one of them being a 6-week paid internship at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia!
Current Bid: $1550. But you'd be getting paid about $3600 plus touching things that Martha has. So totally worth it. And it's for charity. Bid online here!

Oh don't feel like being an intern again, HOW ABOUT A PERSONAL TOUR OF MARTHA'S GARDENS AND LUNCH WITH THE QUEEN HERSELF? Because you can get that too. Current Bid: $9500. Estimated value: $10,000 (but I think it's really closer to priceless.)

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