Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quick Craigslist search!

I was just catching up with Poppytalk and caught this sweet guest room makeover!

Photo Credit: Michael Penney

I love love love that bed frame. LOVE it. Like obsessed with it, love it. So I did a quick craigslist search AND LOOK WHAT I FOUND in about 2 minutes.

See the post here, for all you Boston dwellers. $100 and it looks to be in great condition!


jan said...

oh how awesome!

annelise said...

Wow, this is an impressive find! Did you just search for "headboard"?

Laura said...

Hi annelise!

I think I just searched "vintage headboard" or something like that. That's the fun of craigslist though, searching through all the posts of junk to find something really worth while :)

If you don't already, you should check out crocodile-tears.blogspot.com Keyse finds the best stuff on craiglist! I just got a mid-century nightstand for $15 because of one of her posts!

annelise said...

Hi Laura,

I found it and I LOVED it. Thanks for the red!